Meet our team

Vy: As the current site admin, she also is an asset developer, web developer, VR artist, level designer, programmer, VR enthusiast, and some IP network fun stuff. She does it all when she is not playing VR. Vy enjoys storytelling through arts, and nowsaday, through Quill and Tilt Brush. Vy has been a long time gamer, and her favorite genres are RPGs and MMOs. She started her childhood gaming with Maple Story, Runescape, Pokemon, and Zelda. Now, she plays exclusively on VR using the Oculus Rift. One day she hopes to see Pokemon in VR and catching them all.

Current VR Playlist: Super Hot, The Climb, Tethered, Quill and Tilt Brush



Ronnel: Illustrator, motion designer, and an ui/ux designer. As you can guess, he’s the 2D “artist” of the team. RP makes everything beautiful, bringing out the dazzle. RP has been gaming from a young age, playing on consoles, handhelds, and PCs. His favorite games includes the Zelda series, Metal Gears Solid series, and League of Legends.

Current VR Playlist: Super Hot, Robo Recall, Arizona Sunshine



Sujit: Programmer extraordinaire, serious gamer, and DOTA champion (self-proclaimed). Sujit codes in the daytime, nighttime, in his dreams, whenever he’s not playing games. Java is his expertise, but he’s proficient in all languages. Sujit enjoys online multiplayer games such as DOTA and Overwatch.

Current VR Playlist: War Thunder, Elite Dangerous