Rockband VR – How-to and Technical Review

By: Vy

Harmonix introduced an entire new way to play Rockband in VR! Before you fret, don’t worry, classic mode is still available in case you really want to hold onto the past. But this article’s main purpose is to help you setup the game. If you’re looking for the review of the game, click here.

The Requirements:

This is a full VR game, so you will need:
Oculus Rift or Vive (with Revive)
-Compatible PC
-Any Rockband Guitar for PS4, XBox One. (Although i have read Xbox360 guitars and PS3 ones work just fine without being officially compatible. Do your research here though). There are bundles sold on Amazon currently but demand had been higher than supply
-The Rockband VR game on the Oculus store
-Bluetooth adapter if you use the PS guitar. Xbox guitar uses the xbox adapter

Set up:

Now, I didn’t have too terrible of a time setting up this game, but I did struggle somewhat, and my experience is far from unique. If your guitar doesn’t register at all, follow Step 1, 2 and 4 below. If for any reason, your whammy bar doesn’t register, you will need to do the following:

1. Make sure you update your guitar firmware

2. Make sure you update your bluetooth driver

3. Make sure you run the game as Administrator ONCE. (Find the RBVR.exe game file and run as Admin)

4. Restart your computer along the way.

If all the above tips did not help, I recommend going to the Harmonix Support desk 

The stick-on adapter Oculus gave me wasn’t strong enough for rocking out, but a command strip will fix that in no time.

Overall, the set up wasn’t very pleasant. A lot of folks online echoed the same issues I have pointed out or ran into it personally. It’s not a very simple plug and play deal, but eventually the troubleshooting should help and get you rocking. The game is fun enough for the entire ordeal to be worth it.