The Unspoken – A Magical Reality

Unspoken – A Magical reality
Price: $30

The Unspoken, a multiplayer magic dueling game, was released a few weeks ago. To add to the excitement, Oculus is also hosting an Unspoken tournament that will take place in New York June this year, more about this here. So, what is The Unspoken?

It is:
-Multiplayer 1 vs 1
-Strategy + Action
-Front facing scale
-Magic class duels type where you cast cool spells
How the game works:
-Each player can choose a class: Blackjack, Anarchist, Drifter, and Kineticist.
-Each class have different sets of base, defensive and offensive special moves
-Players can choose between 3 attack modes: offensive, defensive or balanced
-Players will cast spells, attack, immobilize their opponent. First person to lose all Health Point loses the match.

The game-play is very fast pace, dynamic and very easy to pick up. There isn’t a single winning strategy, however, each class demands high effort to master all special attacks and skills to full utilization. The environment is beautifully crafted with solid lighting and texture quality. Overall, the game is fun for both casual and serious players. There is no single player story mode, but you can practice with an A.I. opponent. Given the starter size of the VR market, The Unspoken can benefit greatly from a single player story-line mode. However, this update seems unlikely.