Oculus Quest

Wireless VR is here and at an amazing consumer friendly entry price of $400!

In Oculus Connect 5 demo floor, the Quest was the main showcase event. This took place in 2018 so during this event, the Quest is still considered prototype tier. Even so, it worked amazingly well even for group co-op playing Dead or Buried, or the two players Sport Rumble. Fast forward to today, the consumer version is out and oh boy is it beautiful. Wireless in VR is a whole tier of freedom, and this freedom adds a special touch that was lacking in Rift or Vive. Sure the graphic is optimized and lower in specs, but the portability and ease of usage (and show case) give the Quest the competitive touch that sets it apart from all others. Let’s talk some details!

-Tracking: The tracking is inside out, the headset is tracking the controllers via what i assume is IR constellation. The tracking for sure is not as solid as the Rift or Vive, but it is good enough for consumer use. Don’t expect to do any heavy enterprise work such as Quill modeling or Medium sculpting on this. These apps can’t be supported graphically anyways.

-Camera: The most magical thing is that the Quest remembers where you are when you last drew the guardian boundary. And you can see your outside environment while setting up boundary, which is very neat and user friendly. Gone is the days of tripping over things or taking off the headset to see.

-Library: At launch there is a limited number of titles to pick from. But most if not all titles are very high quality and premium. All fan favorites are there such as Beat Saber and Super Hot.

-Set up: way better set up flow than early days Oculus. I believe a 5 years old can handle it no problem

-Comfort: Personally i found the Rift way more comfortable, but the Quest is not bad once you adjust it and find your comfort spot. There are complaints in this area though.

-Sound: induction sound is the new neat trick. It doesn’t really get that loud so for titles such as Dance Central you will want an actual headset. But it’s less friction and I enjoy it most of the time

-Casting: Works well with iphone casting and Chromecast casting. This is really good for featuring your apps or letting other play at work, friends or family places.


Overall the Quest is everything i want in VR. It’s wireless, it’s affordable, it’s accessible. The contents is slightly lacking but time will fix that. This is my VR system for choice right now just purely due to its portability.