Quest 2 : The Good, the Bad and the Ugly


Quest 2, the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

The Good: Quest 2 has received a major chip update. This means your wireless gaming experience will be more seamless, more realistic, faster and just plain better. And Oculus has also listened to a major complaint of the Quest being front heavy, making prolonged period of wearing literally painful. So, they introduced the Elite Headstrap, which will distribute the weight of the device evenly on your head, making it a lot more bearable. Audio has also received a major update. Games can now run at 90Hz which is a great step up. The headset starts at an incredible price of $299

The Bad: The OLED panels on the Quest 1 is gone. The Quest 2 has LCD panels instead. The feedback has been mixed on this from user communities. Some complained the color black is not quite as black, some says the screendoor effect is more prominent. Most if not all games currently do not support 90Hz yet. Many users also complain the Quest 2 feels cheaper than the OG in term of quality. Durability is yet to be tested

The Ugly: You can guess it, the forced Facebook sign in. Now, this has been a hot topic among the gamer community for obvious reasons. But we’re not going to discuss that here. What is an issue though is that Facebook’s own fake account algorithm is deleting Oculus’s newly converted users. Facebook has invested significantly in how they detect fake accounts, and those preventative measures work really well, too well. And I feel that they could have foreseen this problem a mile away. It’s still an issue as I write this.

The Quest 2 at $299 is still an incredible price point. However, personally, i do not see a need to upgrade from Quest 1 to Quest 2 as the upgrade isn’t decisively worth it. Perhaps the Quest 3 will be more exciting